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  Registered Nurse, a qualification held by herself and other team members to this day, she was the ideal fit to introduce and develop this new function within The Group. The company’s vision was to offer effective and thorough recruitment services to workers, not only placing them into roles with some of the best health and social care sector employers in the area, but also allowing them to grow in their role, further their skills through training and ultimately progress in their careers. This evolving career journey is a concept not often associated with temporary work and is something The Paterson Group is proud to pioneer.
introduced to help fulfil the health and social care industry’s future staffing needs by training the next generation of workers across the company’s range of divisions: Homecare, Primary Care, Health & Social Care, NHS, Specialist Staff and Permanent.
To be a suitable and successful health and social care worker, be it temporary, locum or permanent, the candidate must show commitment, compassion, empathy and patience, to name a few. Unlike many other industries, having a suitable character is vital in ensuring a worker is the right fit for a particular service­user or setting. Workers also complete detailed checks in order to ensure their suitability, including; NMC Revalidation (for Nurses), DBS checks and Annual Mandatory Training. The Paterson Group supports its workers through these processes, taking away much of the administrative and compliance­related strain that can be associated with working in this industry. Staff can often work long and unsociable hours, meaning time for personal admin and compliance can be in short supply, causing it to fall low on the priority list with the addition of family and social commitments. It is vital that compliance is maintained so, where possible, The Paterson Group aids in these processes, alongside the worker, and ensures ongoing compliance.
A range of sought­after roles are available to suitable candidates including; Healthcare Assistants, Support Workers, Nurses, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Practitioners, Practice Managers, Care Home Managers and many more.
The Paterson Group not only caters to the health and social care sector, but also provides staffing solutions to the general market through Paterson Recruitment. The company places experienced candidates into a number of sectors, including; Catering & Hospitality, Driving, Industrial, Commercial & Business Support, Luxury Retail and many more. Many candidates’ skills are transferrable into the health and social care sector and Paterson Recruitment regularly supplies talented Chefs, Administrators, Managers and Cleaning staff into care homes, learning support centres, the NHS and many other health and social care settings. The Paterson Group offers a turnkey service, saving time and maximising value for health and social care settings. The Paterson Group can help with all recruitment and training needs: from HCAs and Support Workers, to Chefs and Administrators.
  “This evolving career journey is a concept not often associated with temporary work and is something The Paterson Group is proud to pioneer.”
Paterson Training’s team facilitate and manage the vital compliance and training processes which not only makes the career progression of the company’s ever­growing staff network possible, but also the progression of external individuals and employers across many industries.
Paterson Training offers a variety of theory, practical, scenario­based group work and online e­learning courses, such as; Food Hygiene, Safeguarding, Infection Control, Moving & Handling of People or Loads, First Aid and many more. Where required, our trainers will work with individual organisations to tailor their training requirements and courses to a given environment and workforce needs.
The company has a team of expert in­house trainers with the professional and practical knowledge, skills and experience to lead informative and engaging sessions on a variety of subjects. Demand for further training and development grows year­on­ year and Paterson Training strives to adapt to evolving market needs and legislation to fulfil this requirement with an ever­growing range of courses.
Paterson Health & Social Care works closely with Paterson Training to ensure workers are compliant with the necessary requirements of a given role, ensuring only the most qualified and experienced workers are given placements with the company’s valued client­base. As well as ensuring qualified staff are kept up­to­date with training, Paterson Health & Social Care also has a New­To­Care program. The program was
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