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people well and valued people as individuals. People had close links with the community and enjoyed regular outings to local places of interests.
Comments included: "They care brilliantly, adapting the care to her needs"; "The staff are wonderful, very patient with (person)"; "They are very patient, they go the extra mile. (Person) definitely has a good quality of life"; "Everyone is excellent; the cleaners, gardener. Everyone goes the extra mile"; "The whole atmosphere is positive and caring. All the staff are wonderful with (person)" and "(Person) is getting the best possible care here".
Style Acre new_reports/INS2­2430291958.pdf
Style Acre is a supported living service that supports people with learning disabilities and Autism to live as independently as possible in their own homes. The care service has been developed and designed in line with the values that underpin the Registering the Right Support and other best practice guidance. These values include choice, promotion of independence and inclusion. People with learning disabilities and autism using the service can live as ordinary a life as any citizen.
The service was outstanding at empowering people to have as much control over their lives as possible and to achieve their maximum potential. Without exception people spoke positively about their experience of the service and the successes they had been supported to achieve. It was clear the culture within the service valued the uniqueness of all individuals. People had access to a wide range of activities which took account of their personal preferences and were tailored to their individual needs. People were encouraged and supported to express themselves in the most effective way to ensure their well­being was maintained.
People were active members of their local community. The service worked in partnership with other organisations in creative and innovative ways to improve people's independence. This included working with a variety of organisations to gain opportunities for people to find work placements.
People's comments included: "Love it, so much fun. Have a nice cuddle, feel better"; "Of course they are kind. Of course"; "I can tell my Carer anything. She listens to me. She tells me all the information I need. It's very nice here. My Carer
takes me on the bus or to the shopping centre. I like it very much here" and "Yes they are kind. I can talk to the staff, nothing has worried me here".
Relative's comments included: "She is treated with kindness. She is so happy and relaxed. When she first moved in she said 'come over for a coffee Mum' and she's never said that before"; "(Person) likes all the staff, likes her routine, she doesn't like change but she likes people. If she's happy I'm happy and she's happy" and "I have the highest regard for all the staff at Style Acre and they genuinely care" Website:
Turning Point (Rectory Road) new_reports/AAAH7628.pdf
Turning Point Oxfordshire (Roads to Recovery) is contracted by Oxfordshire County Council to deliver a range of community­based substance misuse services within Oxfordshire. The service operates an integrated drug and alcohol service in four locations. The service offers a range of treatment and aftercare services; pharmacological treatment (opioid substitution therapy and alcohol detoxification), harm minimisation services (needle exchange, overdose prevention, advice, and screening for blood borne viruses), in­practice GP addiction nurses and/or recovery workers (shared care), and structured one­to­one and group work. The service assesses clients for residential rehabilitation and detoxification, manages their placements and provides aftercare when they return to the community. The service also offers open access sessions, parenting support, support for parents and carers, employment and training advice and support, facilitated access to mutual aid, relapse prevention and recovery support, and a social enterprise café.
People were protected by a strong, comprehensive safety system, with a focus on openness, transparency and learning. The provider had systems and processes that ensured the service was safe, with good staffing levels and skilled staff to deliver care. Staff treated and supported people with dignity and respect, and involved them as partners in their care. The service was caring, with staff consistently demonstrating compassion, respect and understanding for clients. Clients gave overwhelmingly positive feedback about their treatment, the relationships they had with staff and the changes they were able to make as a result of their support. Clients described the service as offering more than just treatment; it also offered activities that helped
them with their overall wellbeing.
Website: https://www.turning­
Turning Point Oxfordshire LD (Witney) new_reports/INS2­3130338954.pdf
Turning Point Oxfordshire provides care and support to 67 people living in 25 'supported living' settings, so that they can live as independently as possible. People receiving support from Turning Point Oxfordshire received highly individualised person centred care. Support plans contained detailed and personalised care plans and we saw that many people had been supported to have a full and meaningful life enjoying interests and gaining employment. People benefited from a large range of activities and interests provided, to ensure they were kept occupied if they chose. There were many excellent opportunities to optimise people's social and stimulation requirements. As the values and vision of the organisation and service had been integrated into everyday practice, people living with learning disabilities were able to achieve what they wanted in their lives and overcame obstacles to achieve positive outcomes. People and their families, where appropriate, were fully involved in the development of their care planning. Staff were highly motivated and worked as a team and shared a common ethos of providing high quality, compassionate care with regard to people's individual wishes and support needs.
One support worker said about the home they worked in "It's lovely; staff are very caring and patient, really good". A support worker from another home said "It's a good place to be, it's like a family”. Staff were calm, smiled a lot and took part in appropriate banter with people.
Relative's comments included, "He is now back to being such a happy­go­lucky person making jokes again and his care is wonderful", "The staff are marvellous, they are all cheerful," "Both myself and (person) could not be happier. The staff are wonderful" and "The staff are brilliant, and our son is so happy and cheerful here".
Website: https://www.turning­

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