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 develop ways to improve hospital discharge with clearer communication and co­ordination. This was to avoid people being affected by delays with returning to their homes. This vision and values of the organisation were mirrored by care staff who were motivated to make a difference where they could, often acting outside of their contracted hours. The impact of this meant people felt valued and cared for and their feedback reflected this.
People and their relatives repeatedly praised the kindness of staff. Everyone we spoke with praised the exceptional care that they received from the service and used the word 'outstanding' on many occasions. We were given numerous examples of times when staff had gone above and beyond people's expectations to provide truly personalised care. People and their relatives recognised and appreciated these efforts which allowed them to receive their support in a way that made them feel individual and cared for.
Caroline Cares for You new_reports/INS2­4011446777.pdf
Homecare agency. This was the first inspection of Caroline Cares for You since the service was registered with the Care Quality Commission in June 2017. We rated the service as outstanding. The service was highly caring. People benefited from a strong, visible, person­centred culture and valued the relationship they had with care staff and expressed great satisfaction with the compassionate care they received. Staff were motivated to take 'over and above' tasks to ensure people got both physical and emotional support they needed and wanted.
“Staff always respected people’s privacy and dignity when providing care and where supported to develop their independence”.
Cleeve Lodge Care Home _reports/INS2­2473809901.pdf
Cleeve Lodge is a care home which provides accommodation and personal care for up to 21 older people, including people living with dementia. People and their relatives were
extremely positive about the home and the difference it made to people's lives. There was genuine kindness and affection shown between people and staff, which had a positive impact on people's well­being. People were supported to remain as independent as possible with an emphasis on positive risk taking to enable them to do so. People were encouraged to pursue ambitions and supported to achieve them. People had the opportunity to engage in activities that interested them and were supported to participate in community activities. People were involved in their care and their choices were respected. The service supported people with end of life care. People's views were always central to decisions made about the service. People were involved in plans to improve the service and their opinions were valued, listened to and acted upon. The service used the National Gold Standards Framework to enable staff to deliver high quality end of life care.
Countywide Caring Ltd new_reports/INS2­2473863847.pdf
Countywide Caring Limited provides domiciliary care services to people who live in their own home. Without exception everyone we spoke with were extremely complimentary about all aspects of the service, particularly the caring nature of the staff. People described how staff were always prepared to go the extra mile to enhance people's well­being. Staff were passionate about their role and committed to providing a high quality service.
People were involved in their care and were supported to make decisions in respect of all elements of their support. People were supported to have maximum choice and control of their lives and staff supported them in the least restrictive way possible; the policies and systems in the service supported this practice. The service was responsive to people's needs and took prompt action to address people's changing conditions. Staff took time to get to know people and used this knowledge to enhance people's well­being, showing great empathy to people's situations.
Cumnor Hill House new_reports/INS2­3887663421.pdf
Cumnor Hill House is 72 bedded 'care home' registered for older people, some of whom may be living with dementia. There was overwhelming evidence available that demonstrated further improvements to Outstanding in Caring and Responsive domains. The significant improvements of people's experiences were achieved because of excellent leadership provided by the provider and service's management. We therefore also rated the Well­led domain as Outstanding and the service was rated Outstanding overall.
We found the service was exceptionally responsive to people's needs. There was a positive culture that reflected people were put first. Staff told us they would do anything for the people living there, and not because they had to but because they wanted to. The team at Cumnor Hill House had a clear vision about how they wished to improve people's lives and well­being. Staff talked about recognising people's individual 3 Cumnor Hill House Inspection report 27 June 2018 wishes how they want to live their lives and enabled people to live their lives to the full. People's, relatives, and external professionals' feedback reflected this approach was successfully demonstrated. The team ensured people had exceptional opportunities to enhance their social inclusion and they were supported to participate in activities that met their needs and took account of their preferences. We identified that the provision of activities enhanced people's well­ being and gave them a sense of purpose. Website:
GodswellPark new_reports/INS2­2700704433.pdf
Godswell Park provides nursing care and support for up to 45 people. There were many areas where people could meet and socialise. This included a cinema where various events took place. Godswell Park had high quality premises with a hotel­type atmosphere. The environment was clean, beautifully decorated and had stunning, well­kept and accessible gardens. There was a tranquil, warm and welcoming atmosphere throughout. We saw

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