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“Living in a Homeshare with Wendy has been transformative ­ it has enhanced my independence, enabling me to live in a city that I once thought was unaffordable...”
   Marian Pocock, Homeshare Oxford, explains how she meets people who have applied for a Homeshare to get a good understanding of who they are and what is important to them. References are followed up, checks are carried out, introductory meetings take place, before householder and sharer are carefully matched to make sure it works for both parties:
“Sometimes people are looking for practical help, sometimes for companionship, or possibly just the reassurance of someone being in the house at night. It’s crucial to take interests and personalities into
account as well.”
The monthly fees paid to Homeshare Oxford help to make the scheme sustainable and pay for the regular support provided by the Homeshare Oxford team. The scheme often brings far more benefits than initially expected.
Homeshare Oxford is expanding throughout Oxfordshire! To find out more please get in touch! Here’s how:
Register your interest on our
Website: Telephone: 01865 410 670
Email: homeshare@
 with great sensitivity and understanding of each others needs, we have developed a genuine friendship with respectful boundaries. At 25 years old I must seem like a youngster to Wendy, with lots to learn, whereas Wendy at 80 odd has years of life experiences to share! I have to say I really enjoy listening to her anecdotes and fascinating reflections on the present!
Wendy is a remarkable lady, whom I am immensely grateful to for inviting me to share her home, welcoming me into her family and trusting me in her space. In return, I hope that she finds me supportive, helpful and compassionate and that I have enhanced her life as she has enhanced mine.
I would recommend Homeshare to everyone as an alternative way of living, I believe it is an opportunity that really does have the potential to transform lives.
    Wendy and Eleanor’s Homeshare story...
I have been living in a Homeshare with Wendy now for about two years. It took us both a while to adjust to our new situation. As I got to know Wendy and my new home, and Wendy got to know me, our friendship has blossomed. We have grown accustomed to living together and have established a comfortable and flexible routine.
The activities I do for Wendy in my ‘sharing support’ time, consist of cleaning the kitchen every week and doing some washing, I have a to do list, which I can refer to at any time. Sometimes, Wendy needs a hand with other things not on the list, for instance, sorting out the freezer. Oh, and playing cards ­ I now know how to set up for Bridge! The highlight of our week is our time together, it might be a walk outdoors, a cup of tea in the garden ­ if the weathers good and we’re lucky! Or watching a film on our now well­established ‘film night’.
Earlier in the year Wendy spent two months in hospital. So, I had to adjust my ‘sharing support’ time to cover hospital visits, organising and taking in clean clothes to her whilst she was in hospital. This period was not without its challenges ­ for Wendy, her family and myself. However, I believe living
together for nearly a year, enabled us to develop a close bond, which was beneficial to us all, especially Wendy.
Since then, Wendy has been working hard with her physiotherapists and carers to regain her strength and independence. It has been a privilege to be a part of this journey and seeing Wendy regain her spark and vitality once more, has been great! Film now back on the agenda! Our weekly viewing of Downton Abbey has resumed, although we’ve found it tricky to find out where we left off!
Living in a Homeshare with Wendy has been transformative. It has enhanced my independence, enabling me to live in a city that I once thought was unaffordable. Wendy’s family have welcomed me with such kindness, and been very accommodating, giving me plenty of my own space.
I do like my own company, so I was quite apprehensive at first about whether I would have my own personal space and time. I needn’t have worried. Wendy too, needs the same, her own time and space. I totally understand and respect her privacy, after all it’s her family home of some 50 years! So,
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