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‘I can wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommend Homeshare Oxford. I’ve seen, first hand, the time and care that the Homeshare team put into setting up and supporting their matches. Everyone benefits from Homeshare Oxford’s wonderful, caring ethos.’
Clare B, daughter of Householder Jan 2019
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                               In Oxfordshire, the local Homeshare organisation is operated by Age UK Oxfordshire
How Homeshare works:
Typically, there is a person who would like some low­level support (the householder) and a person who is in need of affordable accommodation (the sharer).
The householder is usually a homeowner who has a comfortable room to spare. The sharer, in exchange for low­cost accommodation, provides around 10 hours of help per week to the householder.
Homeshare Oxford carefully matches up older people who live in Oxfordshire, and who are looking for help or companionship at home, with another person who needs affordable accommodation, and can lend a hand.
Each Homeshare match is individual and carefully agreed. It may include some cooking and light housework, help with computers and technology, maybe some shopping or gardening, spending time together over a meal or cup of tea as well as occasional trips out. The reassuring presence of another person in the house overnight is often an additional benefit for the householder.
Note: A Homeshare match does not involve any personal care.
How to apply:
The householder and sharer apply to take part in the programme through Homeshare Oxford.
Interviews and reference checks:
A Homeshare Oxford coordinator will meet Homeshare applicants. The coordinator will visit the householder in their home for an informal interview and to see the property and spare room. Sharer interviews will take place in Oxford or Abingdon. Background and reference checks are performed on the householder and sharer.
The coordinator will carefully select a sharer and householder to create a compatible match. The householder (and sometimes the householder’s family) and the sharer will meet each other (along with the Homeshare Coordinator) to decide if they would like to proceed with the match. If both parties are happy with the match and decide to share, the coordinator will help to draw up an agreement.
The householder and sharer agree the specifics of the arrangement and the help the sharer will give. This support is individual to each match and can include duties like cleaning, cooking, gardening, accompanying to appointments or shopping.
What are the costs?
Monthly fees are payable to Homeshare Oxford by householders and sharers. The sharer pays a monthly fee of £200 and the householder pays £100 per month, the
equivalent of approximately £3 a day. These fees pay for the setting up of the arrangement provided by the Homeshare team, ongoing support, and enable Homeshare Oxford to be run as a sustainable scheme. The sharer makes a contribution to the householder of an agreed amount towards household costs.
Ongoing support:
Homeshare Oxford provide support at the beginning of the match as the householder and sharer get used to living together and continue to provide advice and support for the duration of the Homeshare, as needed. A Homeshare arrangement is for a minimum period of 6 months but most are of a longer duration. There is a 28 day notice period, each way.
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“Each Homeshare match is individual and carefully agreed...
it may include some cooking, light housework or taking time out for a chat over a cup of tea...”

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