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       Our residents don’t live in our place of work, we work
in their home...”
 and dislikes to ensure that they receive healthy, nutritionally balanced meals. A lot of consideration goes into the planning and preparation of our foods; just as you would at home.
In our |Activities teams| we have some very creative individuals who ensure our residents are kept as active as they want to be! They arrange all sorts of incredible things from penguins visiting the home for everyone to meet, to summer garden parties and fetes, to arts and crafts or days out... whatever our residents enjoy doing!
Our |Administration team| also have very varied roles; our Bursars and Administrators are involved with everything from finance and HR, to reception and staff rotas! They are the “face” of the home, the voice on the end of the phone, the person who meets a resident or their family for the first time when welcoming them into the home.
Then we have our wonderful |Care teams | who take care of our residents. They do an amazing and varied job, from supporting our residents with their personal care, to assisting them with the day to day activities that mean such a lot to them. Our |Carers| get to know each person who lives in our home so well, they enjoy learning about their past; their careers, their families and friends, where they’ve lived and what they’ve done and appreciate that all this history has made them who they are today. They are like family and noticing changes in our residents is second nature to them, they help our residents to continue to live their lives as they want to. We don’t require qualifications, or even experience for our Carer jobs, what we need are people who share our passion for care and who want to make a difference. Empathy, the ability to
communicate and build good relationships with others are most important – we offer training and support to develop the skills and knowledge required.
A number of our homes in Oxfordshire also have a wonderful, dedicated team of |Nurses|who oversee the care of our residents who have nursing care requirements. This amazing team lead and support the care team in our homes, they make critical decisions and lead on clinical issues, ensuring we provide the highest quality, person centred care. Working in as a Nurse within a care home environment is challenging and rewarding.
One of our Nurses recently told us “When you work in a Nursing home, you look after everybody; you look after each other, the care team, the people who live here and you look after their families. You do it for such a long time, you develop lovely relationships from it. No two days are the same, we look after people with all sorts of different issues, from sight and hearing problems, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s, neurological diseases, strokes or dementia so every day is different depending on how those people are feeling on any particular day”.
Another very important team in our homes are our |Volunteers| who are a group of amazing individuals who enjoy making a real difference. Our fantastic team of Volunteers help in a variety of ways. Befriending our residents to helping with county events, gardening to sharing their musical skills, looking after our home pets, even enjoying an evening beer in the ‘man shed’; our volunteers are there to help our residents live life to the full.
the ability to communicate
and build good relationships with others are most important – we offer training and support to develop the skills and knowledge required... ”

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