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    OSJCT History Timeline:
Early beginnings
Subsequent centuries, the work of “care, relief and service” expanded, being based on the concepts and management practices found in the records of the original hospice
The first association between the two Orders in Britain was formalised in 1975
In 1999 acquired 18 care homes from Wiltshire County Council.At this point, the name of the charity was changed to The Orders of St John Care Trust and remains so today.
Job roles within our care homes
Each of our care homes is built on a team of individuals who together create the supportive and caring homes our residents deserve.
Every member of our team is valued and appreciated for the skills, knowledge and character that they bring to their role. Every department is key to the smooth operation of the home. Our teams combine a variety of dedicated individuals from Handy Person and Chef to Carers and Administrators.
      Origins date back to the Christian Pilgrimages to the Holy Land ­ establishment of The Order of Malta. The Order established a hospice for sick pilgrims and the organised defence of the routes to Jerusalem.
            The Orders of St John Trust was established ­ sponsored by two historic Orders of Chivalry
  In 1992, OSJCT took over the running of 16 residential care homes for older people from Lincolnshire County Council including 600 residents and 650 staff
  The |Handy Person| in the maintenance team ensures our homes are a safe and pleasant environment to live in; they must feel like home to each individual resident. A Handy Person has the satisfaction of knowing that they’re putting their skills to good use and they can see what a difference what they do makes to the wellbeing of our residents. To be a Handy Person in one of our homes, you need to be practical and enjoy DIY, have a good awareness of health and safety and of course have good people skills!
Our meticulous team of |House Keepers| are essential too – they keep our homes spick and span – just as our residents would have
kept their own homes. They take great pride in their work, knowing that what they do enables those who live in our homes to feel really at home, in a clean and safe environment. More than that, because they know the people who live with us so well, they know the preferences of each person the little details such as who likes their bed turned down every day....and who likes their windows opened every morning – these details which mean a lot to our residents.
In the kitchen there’s so much going on! Our talented |Cooks and Chefs| supported by our |Kitchen Assistants| devise menus that reflect our resident’s individual tastes, likes >
“ We don’t require qualifications, or even experience for our Carer jobs, what we need are people who share our passion for care and who want to make a difference... ”

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