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         “The Orders of St John Care Trust strive to be the leading care provider of the sector. To create an environment where people love to live and work.
If we are the best at what we do, then the people living with us will have the best experience they could possibly expect to have and people that work with and for us will have the best experience and be the most fulfilled that they could possibly hope to be.
We’re a not for profit organisation and a registered charity. The reason we exist is the simplest that it has ever been; the purpose that we were established was because vulnerable people needed to be able to access good quality care, in a respectful and dignified way ”
Dan Hayes Chief Executive, OSJCT
The Orders of St John Care Trust (OSJCT) provides reputable trusted care, support and housing to residents and tenants across 70 homes and 14 accommodation schemes across Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, West Sussex and Suffolk.
The Trust employs approximately 4,000 colleagues and supports more than 3,500 residents. The quality of our service has been accredited by the National Care Forum, through its "Quality First" framework. We also work closely with Dementia UK and were among the first care providers to employ its own specialist Admiral Nurses.
We deliver high quality dedicated person­centred care for older people including those with dementia, intermediate, respite, day care and specialised nursing. As a not­for­profit charitable Trust, financial surplus is reinvested for the benefit of the residents.
A thousand years
of care experience
OSJCT has a history of care stretching back nearly 1,000 years! Today,
we now support and care for over 3,500 residents with a team nearly 4,000 staff in some 70 care homes and 14 Extra
Care Housing schemes (where care and support is provided to tenants living in their own specially designed apartments).
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