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   A pilot introducing working in Adult Social Care:
A bespoke taster session aimed at introducing the benefits of working in social care
As we explored the varied roles for working in the care sector and where to look for work online, concerns about qualifications and experience were blown away. All participants showed great passion and motivation for looking for work and wrote their own action plans with next steps to finding employment in care.
One of the more challenging tasks was to enable participants to write a statement about themselves and their experience this was a ‘Pen Portrait/Free Writing’ exercise, with no judgements on grammar and spelling. The outcome was amazing! Everyone was able to do it and surprised themselves with how much relevant experience they already had, but had initially overlooked – a fantastic moment and significant realisation for some.
Many people are put off by writing an application or CV, but if you can remove some of those learned constraints and judgemental inner voices, you can do anything! All you need to do is try! You can always ask someone you know to check your writing or application for you.
Participant Comments:
“It was very informative; both trainers had a great knowledge”
“Very helpful! I learnt new things”
“I now have more of an understanding of the Care Industry overall”
“Very positive and very helpful”
Examples of Participant Actions and Next Steps:
“I’m going to update my CV and start looking at career opportunities in Caring”
“I think I’ll start by contacting local Care Homes and Day Centres to volunteer and I hope to become bank staff, I’m going to look through the websites you’ve given in more detail”
“I’d like to volunteer at a Care Home and look into the different types of training, but also apply for more carer jobs directly”
Last year in 2018, OACP was approached by SOHA Housing in Didcot to design and deliver some bespoke care training to introduce the benefits of working care. The taster session ‘Prepare to Care’ was put together by Jane Wood OACP Marketing Manager and Hannah Cantellow OACP Administrator and Training Coordinator with a focus on explaining the career pathway within the care sector.
The session objectives were to develop participants’ knowledge and understanding of working in Adult Social Care and to develop their knowledge and understanding of the job roles available and skills of caring. During the session however, some other things came to light, including the ‘myths’ of working in Adult Social Care. For instance, here are some typical myths and realities highlighted by Job Centre Plus, similarly these preconceptions were mentioned by participants in the ‘Prepare to Care’ taster session;
“Employers won't be interested in me as I don't have any relevant qualifications...”
You do not always need formal qualifications before beginning a career in social care – often your attitude and life experiences are more important. As you work you will develop new skills and there will be plenty of great learning and development opportunities that can lead to qualifications.
“There are a limited choice of jobs...”
There are many different job roles that can be undertaken in care. Examples are: Personal Assistant, Support Worker, Activities Co­ ordinator, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Mental Health Support Worker. As well as direct care you can take on roles in human resources, training, commissioning and administration.
“Social care is a dead­end job with no training and development opportunities...”
There are ample opportunities for training and development, be it short courses in a topic
relevant to your role or management and degree level qualifications. Many of the courses you will have the option of completing are work­based. There are also plenty of opportunities for progression. You can become a team leader, manager or director, or go on to complete a social work or nursing degree. Working in social care can also lead you into roles in health, education and housing.
The above quotes come from: Job Centre Plus ­ Working in Social Care: Myths and Realities (Reproduced by OACP information courtesy of Sue Beasley ­ Employer Advisor Jobcentre Plus, Reading RG1 1HD).
The taster session also pointed out the further benefits of working in social care including;
• Flexibility ­ you can fit work around your other commitments
• Earning while you’re learning ­ you can train while you are working
• Building relationships with the people you’ll be caring for, as well as their families and friends
•Enjoying a variety of tasks with different people every day.
Further to this participants completed a Skills for Care questionnaire ‘Got what it takes to work in Social Care?’ as a group, where they had the opportunity to reflect on their own values and behaviours that might be needed to work in Adult Social Care. One of the best aspects of the session was where participants shared and discussed their thoughts with us and one another. It was great to see how they overcame their own doubts and saw the strengths in their abilities; all that they needed was the right information to make more informed decisions for their aspirations of working in care!
 If you are an organisation interested in a booking a PREPARE TO CARE taster session please contact:
Tel: 01235 248085 or Email:
Or if you would like to apply for a job and upload your CV please visit the OACP website /job­seeker­application

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