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The OACP Jobs Portal – analysis and insights... Oxfordshire joint Health & Social recruitment campaign Register as a Job Seeker today ­ YOUR County needs YOU!
 The Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers (OACP) built a jobs portal on its website in summer 2015 in order to capture job seekers stimulated by recruitment campaigns and outreach events e.g. job fairs and careers and recruitment events. Three campaigns have run in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council since summer 2015. In October 2018 a new joint care sector recruitment campaign included Health (Oxford Health and Oxford University Hospitals) and Social Care (OACP) supported by Oxfordshire County Council took place. The concept, to raise awareness and drive take up of the many diverse care roles across Oxfordshire.
For background...A summary of the adult social care sector and workforce in Oxfordshire 2017/18 by Skills for Care states...the estimated number of adult social care jobs in the Oxfordshire area was 16,500 including 1,300 managerial roles, 900 regulated professionals, 12,000 direct care (including 8,900 care workers), and 2,200 other­non­care proving roles. It also shows that in Oxfordshire, 8.0% of roles in adult social care were vacant, this equates to around 1,200 vacancies at any one time. (­ SC­intelligence/Workforce­intelligence/publicati ons/Local­authority­area­summary­ reports.aspx)
Job seeker analysis post campaign carried out by OACP on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council sought to understand the motivation and aims of job seekers registering with OACP on the Jobs Portal. A much needed insight into the recruitment habits and objectives of job seekers. (www.
At the point where the analysis started in early January 2019, 572 job seekers had registered with OACP Jobs Portal. As of the 18th March 2019, 694 people were registered with OACP as looking for work in social care. By the end of March 2019, a further 157 people had registered as a job seeker.
The following extracts from the OACP analysis make interesting reading...
How job seekers found the OACP Jobs portal:
The majority of job seekers found the OACP portal through social media or via an internet search engine, possibly stimulated by Facebook or other advertising. However, a significant number of people found OACP through word of mouth, backing up findings from Sticky People that shows existing staff are the best recruiters.
New job seekers and existing care workers:
The most recent campaign attracted job seekers who were carrying out a general job search but mainly attracted people who were already working in care, perhaps seeking
another role, or looking to progress in their career. The large majority indicated that they had found the OACP Jobs portal helpful.
What kinds of jobs are people looking for and what’s on offer? Most job seekers seek frontline care roles which falls in line with the majority of job advertised on the OACP jobs portal. Although there seems to be a trend to apply for higher level or diverse roles such as management or care/activity coordinators roles ­ people searching for their ‘ideal job. Types of roles advertised by OACP care provider members on the OACP jobs portal include; Care/Support worker, Manager, Administrator, Team leader, Nursing and Housekeeping/Catering.
Some job titles appear more attractive or more familiar to job seekers than others for instance ‘Caregiver’ is not as well understood by job seekers as ‘Support worker’, ‘Care Assistant’, or Carer’.
The analysis reflects that over 58 different OACP members posted jobs on the jobs portal during the campaign (only OACP members can post jobs) representing Care and Nursing Homes, Home Care, Community Support organisations and Care staffing agencies ­ approximately a third of the current OACP membership. Since the portals inception a total of 90 care provider members have advertised through this important social care jobs gateway.
An OACP members’ individual advert/s may run for several weeks/months or be renewed. Each OACP member can access the jobs portal securely and post jobs themselves, there is no upper limit to the number of jobs that can be posted. OACP markets the jobs at various job/careers events and conferences.
OACP membership now stands at over 140 different organisations providing care services across Oxfordshire. See article ‘Outstanding in Oxfordshire’.
What time of the year do OACP members post jobs? OACP members appear to be prompted to post adverts by recruitment campaigns due to rising job seeker numbers during and after campaigns. Members have an increased incentive to be involved. Past campaigns have shown spikes of interest in the months Feb/March/April and Sept/Oct/November. The latest campaign has had a significant impact with continuing spikes from February 2018 until March 2019 and ongoing.
Insights from a small research sample of existing Job Seekers...
Other research using Survey Monkey carried out by OACP to a small sample of registered job seekers found the following:­
When asked why did you register with the OACP jobs portal?
The top answer was ­’seeking a new role within care’.
When asked if they had found work in Oxfordshire within the care sector since they had registered on the Jobs Portal?
32% said Yes 68% said No
When asked if the Jobs Portal had helped them?
Most said ‘Yes’
When asked what ideal care setting would you like to work in?
38% said Supported Living
20% said Hospital
12% said Residential/Nursing Home 12% said Community
8% said DCA/Home Care
3% said Live In
7% said Other
When asked how did you hear about OACP?
24% said the Internet Search Engine 20% said Indeed
16% said OCC
12% said Word of Mouth
6% NHS
2% said Email
1% said Poster
10% said Other
0% Local Radio
0% said Local Paper
What else would assist you in finding employment in Social Care?
Most said more information about types of job roles and career prospects.

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