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   The mark of excellent care
   24 hour Live­in care support from Caremark
 It is surprising to think that before 2009 there was no national charity to support care staff. With benevolent funds to support almost every other profession in the UK it was alarming there was nothing to support the 1.5 million people who currently work in care or the many more who have committed large parts of their professional lives to the sector.
In 2009 the Care Workers Charity was set up to support one of the UK’s largest work forces. This year has seen CWC take its first significant step to reaching our vision; no care workers will ever face financial hardship alone.
The Care Workers Charity accepts applications from individuals (or their financial dependents) who have worked directly within the UK care profession. The care profession includes those working or who have worked in: care homes for older people and for younger adults, domiciliary care service, day centres and supported living services. All employee roles in these registered environments including care staff, cleaners, back office, catering and managers could receive our support.
We offer hardship grants of up to £500 to get care workers, and families of, out of a crisis situation. We have recently launched an online information and advice section on our website covering topics care workers are most worried about; money, health and wellbeing.
Please visit our website to learn more:
Oxford City Council
Oxford Home Improvement Agency (HIA)
Our Home Improvement Agency is dedicated to helping older, disabled and vulnerable residents within Oxford City to live safely and independently in their own home.
The agency service is available to people who are vulnerable and need help repairing, maintaining or adapting their home. HIA trained advisers are on hand to help you with all sorts of problems that might affect your home.
Please see our new Housing Assistance and Disabled Adaptations Policy (opposite) which covers all the help
we can offer.
Other sources of help: Housing Options
for Older People (HOOP) is a technique
for appraising your current housing and
options for moving and will help you
identify what information you need, and help you find it. It may also make you aware that some advice or other help would be welcome, and if so, will guide you to the most appropriate agency to provide this. Visit the HOOP website.
Talk to us: Please call 01865 252788 to talk to a member of the Home Improvement Agency.
Caremark is a leading provider
of home care services in Oxfordshire.
We provide specialised care for people who need support with day­to­day life but would like to stay in their own home. Caremark's live­in care service enables you to remain as independent as possible, while being fully supported by
a full time live­in carer.
   Care at home
You will have choice and control over your life. You can live in familiar surroundings with family, friends, your own possessions, furniture and pets too!
You will enjoy one­to­one support from a fully trained carer.
You will be able to relax, knowing that there is someone there for you seven days a week, to help with your housework, personal care and shopping, or simply to provide good company.
 Your satisfaction and happiness are vital to us
We will regularly monitor and review your satisfaction to make sure you always receive the highest standard of care.
       If YOU would like FREE...friendly advice about our specialised live­in care services. Please call Caremark today!
01993 810918
Caremark|30a High Street|Woodstock|Oxfordshire|OX20 ITG

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