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   Personal Assistants Network­with­confidence­directory
       Support with Confidence (SwC) is a Local Authority Scheme which provides a list of approved care and/or support services that have been vetted on the grounds of quality, safety and training.
Whether you get financial help to pay for your care, or you buy services privately, the Support with Confidence scheme will help you find a wide range of care and support services that you can trust. In Oxfordshire Support with Confidence promotes Personal Assistants.
OACP delivers Support with Confidence on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council and provides training and a checking scheme for people who want to work as personal assistants.
What are Personal Assistants?
Under a national system known variously as Self­ Directed Support, Putting People First, or Personalised Budgets, you can choose to get social care and support to meet your needs in a variety of ways to suit you – you can choose the kind of help you receive and who you get it from.
• Oxfordshire CCG Personal Health Budget Local Offer
• Oxford Health’s Personal Budget Peer Network
• Employing a Personal Assistant – toolkit from Skills for Care
How does Support with Confidence work? OACP make checks on each Personal Assistant’s background, their qualifications, experience, and compliance with legal standards.
Approved scheme members are vetted and trained before they join. They agree to:­
• Undertake any appropriate training, including adult protection and safeguarding;
• Respond promptly and appropriately to people who use the service who may have complaints;
• Having criminal records checks and clearance;
• Providing references as part of their application;
• Providing clients with clear and appropriate information regarding the services to be performed (cost per hour or per day/night/task).
Monitoring and Feedback
OACP monitor Support with Confidence scheme members once approved. If you have a comment, a compliment, or a complaint, please let us know
recreational activities
• Any other care and support service provided in
the home or community
Training for Personal Assistants
Support with Confidence approval comes with Associate Membership of OACP offering a 10% discount on OACP training published price. We are developing a specific offer for Approved Personal Assistants.
A network for Personal Assistants
The last network was held in July 2018. Networking enables personal assistants to develop expertise and learning. Future events will appear on the Events page of our website.
Register as a Personal Assistant
By applying to register as a Personal Assistant you are agreeing to our Support with Confidence Terms and Conditions, which include OACP’s Code of
Conduct. If you are already a Personal Assistant registered with Support with Confidence, to update your details please log­in and use the guidance sent to you.
 OACP are pleased to launch a new portal to source your personal assistant.
The portal enables a quick and easy search facility by area, postcode or name to find approved personal assistants in your area. You can add people to your shortlist and then email them securely all in one go with your message.
Simply go to and click on SwC in the grey bar (see below).
To become an approved personal assistant, go to our home page and click on Sign In/Join (see above) and choose Register as a SwC PA.
    Alzheimer’s Society’s Dementia Friends programme is our biggest ever initiative to change people’s perceptions of dementia. Dementia touches the lives of millions of people across the UK. Dementia Friends was launched to tackle the stigma and lack of understanding that means many people with the condition experience loneliness and social exclusion. We need to create more communities and businesses that are dementia friendly so that people affected by dementia feel understood and included.
Here are the ways you can get involved:
• Become a Dementia Friend
• Volunteer and become a Dementia Friends Champion
• Organisations ­ Introduce your organisation
and support them to roll out Dementia Friends to their workforce.
To learn more visit:
We are a small and very busy team at Dementia Friends, however if your query is of an urgent nature then you can contact us on 0300 222 5855.
Even if you are funding your own care, perhaps because you are ineligible for local authority funding, flexibility and choice are key to getting the services you need.
Personal assistants are people from all walks of life who work for people who require social care. They help with everyday things like going to the shops or taking the dog to the vet, but can also provide personal care such as washing and getting dressed.
If you have a Personal Budget, or a Personal Health Budget, you might find the following information useful:
• NHS England’s guide to Personal Health Budgets
by contacting us via the Comments Form on our website. We can only accept comments about approved Support with Confidence Personal Assistants. All information is treated with confidence.
However, we will act if we are concerned about a person’s safety.
Who can become a Personal Assistant?
Individuals providing care and support services delivered in the home or community, including:­
• Personal care
• Cleaning and housework
• Shopping services
• Meal preparation and service or cooking in the
• Daytime opportunities, such as leisure and

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