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    Rupert’s Story:
  Brandon Trust was formed in 1994 by the merger of the Buttress Trust and the South Avon Housing Association. Today, Brandon Trust is a UK charity working across Southern England including London, supporting approximately 1,600 children and adults with learning disabilities and autism.
Life for people with learning disabilities twenty years ago would be unrecognisable to most people now. During that time, there have been huge changes for the people we support and their families. Now, it’s about enabling people with learning disabilities
to discover their personal goals and be as free as they can be in their everyday lives.
Everyone is different and so our unique approach centres on the person themselves, to support them in realising their dreams and ambitions.
We have developed services across much of the south west and in some London boroughs, and are continuing to expand into new areas. Each area has its own experiences to share, as well as working to the Brandon Trust ethos and standards.
At Brandon Trust we inspire the people we support to set themselves free so they can reach for their dreams and be all they
can be.
We have a wealth of experience in working with people with complex needs whose behaviour can sometimes challenge the environment in which they live, or with profound and multiple learning disabilities.
 Supported Living
Living Life
to the FULL
          CQC rated ‘Outstanding’
Before Rupert moved to Barrantynes over twelve years ago, his father Chris used to get a sinking feeling in his stomach when he drove him back after a day out. Rupert didn't really want to return to the places he was living in at the time. "They weren't really a home”, says Chris, “just places to live, quite institutional, and we had little interaction from the management or the frequently changing staff. That is what makes Barrantynes so different, and why we were delighted when Rupert moved there”.
Since its inception the guiding principle has been that Barrantynes isn’t a “care home”, it’s someone’s home. The people living there are enabled to do what they want to, and not what anyone else thinks is best for them.
Choice is central to the values of supported living, whether that’s being supported in choosing what to eat and drink and what to wear, or how to spend your time and who to have relationships with. The people living at Barrantynes have profound learning disabilities and complex needs and require the continual support of staff in their day to day lives. They need people that are truly caring, warm­hearted and enabling, and who always take a person­centred approach. When Brandon Trust became the support provider for this service, the management team ensured that existing and new staff were empowered to support the people living there to have the most full, enriched
lives possible, led by their own choices and aspirations. Rupert, for example, is supported in pursuing his interests including swimming, bowling, music, going to the cinema and local community club, horse riding and much more.
“It is so reassuring that Rupert actively conveys his delight in living there, supported by people ­ many of whom have been there for years ­ who know him, care about him and know what he does and doesn't like... this often provides us with a reminder that, although we are his parents, he has a life of his own which we have to fit into. Now I always phone before I visit, since Rupert might be out or doing something in the house. In the past it sometimes felt like more time was spent by staff on admin instead of activities”.
The dedication of staff in this service and many others was recognised last year, when Brandon Trust Supported Living services in Oxfordshire were rated ‘outstanding’ in an
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