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  adorned by framed paintings of Lucy, Malcolm, Sophie, Amanda and Josh – his childhood pets.
The pictures bring back special memories for Roman. They were painted by his mother, who lives nearby in Oxford.
Until recently, Roman lacked the confidence to walk on the street without support.
But his support team urged him to become more independent. At first, they would walk up the road with him. Then they would let him walk on his own for short distances, watching from close by. As Roman became more confident, the distances he walked slowly increased.
Now, thanks in part to the support he has received, Roman is able to walk around the block on his own, as long as he avoids crossing the street. He uses a stick for balance.
Roman now walks most days in fine weather, part of a full programme of activities. A typical week includes visits to the local day centre in Slade, playing the saxophone in music therapy, and foot massage in his home. The week ends with a visit to his mother in a local
 nursing home every Saturday.
What does he enjoy most?
‘I like everything’, Roman says.
“Roman has gained the confidence to walk most days, thanks to the support he has received”.
Maryanne’s slimming story...
Maryanne, who Affinity Trust has supported since 2016, lives in a quiet side­street in Didcot, Oxfordshire.
Since last October, Maryanne has been a regular attender at Slimming World. Her local branch is based at the Baptist church, where Maryanne goes every week with two of her support workers. With support from her staff, and Slimming World advice, she cut down on cakes, sweets, sauces and alcohol – and, by Christmas, had lost half a stone.
Maryanne’s favourite meals include curries and Chinese food – food she’s had to ration since starting slimming. Maryanne helps her support team with cooking by chopping vegetables, but makes her own breakfast.
The Slimming World sessions are typically followed by a trip to a local pub or club. Maryanne enjoys karaoke, and is keen to show visitors her songlist, packed with 70s and 80s classics.
The rest of Maryanne’s week includes shopping, visits to Style Acre day centre, and trampolining.
Once a fortnight, she goes to her parents for a Sunday roast cooked by her father. At home, Maryanne enjoys playing on her Wii, doing jigsaws on her tablet, and cross­ stitching. She loves butterflies, and her bedroom wall is covered with butterflies.
Outside, Maryanne enjoys tending her garden, with its well­stocked fishpond, roses she planted in memory of her aunt and uncle, and the eerie cries of the red kites circling overhead. “She loves her garden” says support worker Julie.

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