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   About Affinity Trust...
Affinity Trust helps over 950 people with learning disabilities across England and Scotland live as independently as possible. We’ve been supporting people with learning disabilities for more than 25 years.
We are dedicated to supporting people with learning disabilities to live the lives they want to. Whether helping someone to live in their own home, providing opportunities to make new friends, or supporting people into work, we aim to ensure that those we support can live life to its fullest.
We support people with a range of needs, from those who need little support to people who require round­ the­clock, specialist support.
We are a growing, national charity. Underpinning our success is our belief that everyone with a learning disability has the right to an active and fulfilling life.
Many of the people we support have come from institutional settings. We have worked with them to transform their level of independence and quality of life.
Supported living is our main area of support and we are committed to offering this model to people with learning disabilities in preference to residential care homes.
“Our mission is
to enable people with learning disabilities to pursue active
and fulfilling lives, gain increased independence and achieve equal rights as citizens”.

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