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  Very early on in the Project, the team realised that to make this work really impactful and meaningful ­
it had to have the people MacIntyre support at its heart.
  Keep Going... Don’t Stop Group
 The aims of the Project are to:
• Help raise awareness of dementia among people with a learning disability, their families and professionals.
• Help people with a learning disability receive a timely diagnosis of dementia.
• Train professionals to provide better care for people with learning disability living with or at risk of dementia.
To achieve these aims the Project is:
• Creating online and hard copies of resources that will increase knowledge and understanding of learning disability and dementia, including easy read.
• Providing learning opportunities for all staff, particularly support staff, to help them provide better care and support for people with a learning disability and dementia, or at risk of dementia.
• Developing a portfolio of good practice to disseminate to other interested organisations.
 8th National Dementia Care Awards 2017. MacIntyre won the ‘Dementia Innovation’ category.
L to R: Sandra White, Nicola Payne,
Sarah Ormston (back), Rachel Silver (front), John Middleton, Rosie Joustra (front), Andrew Knight, Emma Killick.
John Middleton was the host (Actor from Emmerdale) and Andrew Knight is from Care UK (the sponsors of this category).
What’s been achieved so far?
Given that the Project funding only runs for three years, the amount that has been achieved is impressive. A toolkit of 33 eLearning modules has been created as the main learning resource, with 11 booklets to support the Changed Behaviour module, and there have been countless internal events and learning opportunities for staff to come together and augment their knowledge. The
Awards and recognition
Autumn 2017 was a highlight for the Project as they won ‘Outstanding Dementia Care Innovation’ at the National Dementia Care Awards. Alongside this, Tina Dutton, a Shared Lives Carer from Warrington, won the ‘Dementia Carer Award’ at the Great North West Care Awards, and The Haddons Staff Team from Milton Keynes won the ‘Palliative Care/End of Life Award’ for their support of
  Project has spawned a massive overhaul in health recording within MacIntyre, and there are plans for additional support and education around end of life care.
Externally, the Project team have given numerous presentations to audiences from the Memory Service National Accreditation Programme Forum at the Royal College of Psychiatrists, through to taking centre stage with their own programme stream at the 2017 Dementia Congress. The Dementia Project are also key partners of the Dementia Action Alliance’s latest campaign, ‘From Seldom Heard to Seen and Heard’, which highlights the specific needs of people with a learning disability alongside groups such as LGBT and BAME communities, young onset dementia, the prison population and people living in rural communities.
Alison, a lady who lived with a learning disability and dementia.
But for all the high­profile recognition, successful external awareness­raising, and

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