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       If you are interested in attending a Big Bold and Balance Class
or would like a copy of our Big Bold and Balance
Exercise at home DVD please visit: or contact 01235 849403 or email:
    Exercise at Home
To stay healthy or improve health, we need to do two different types of physical activity every week: aerobic and strength exercises. For mental health and physical well­being, it’s beneficial to walk for half an hour 5 days a week and do a strength building activity like gardening, using resistance bands or lifting weights, twice a week. To learn more visit:­well/exercise/ for more information.
     There is currently no cure available, but on the positive side there is a mounting body of evidence that targeted exercise can improve both symptoms and quality of life. Sally Bromley, Chair of Parkinson’s UK Oxford branch, said: “Our message is that medicine alone will not sustain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is absolutely imperative for people living with Parkinson’s.”
What is Big Bold and Balance?
Age UK Oxfordshire, with funding support from Parkinson’s UK Oxford branch, now runs five Big Bold and Balance classes across the County. The classes are called “Big Bold and Balance” as class participants are taken through big and bold movements to counteract the problem of movements often becoming more reduced for people living with Parkinson’s. These exercise sessions are led by specially qualified and trained exercise teachers. The Generation Games team at Age UK Oxfordshire have used experience from local physiotherapists as well as evidence from Australia and the USA to put
together classes designed to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s and improve balance and posture. These exercise sessions can have a really positive impact on stabilising the condition and help to improve mood and general wellbeing.
The classes are aimed at older people, but younger people are very welcome to come along. Class participant, Jesmond Blumenfield, said: “When I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s I took the advice seriously. Attending a class gives a sense of camaraderie. The classes are led by someone who knows what is needed for someone with Parkinson’s disease.”
Most of our participants have been living with Parkinson’s for some time, but some have been recently diagnosed. We encourage anyone living with Parkinson’s, and their carers, to give these sessions a try ­ you never know you might make new friends and at the same time gain valuable support, and insight that you can take away.
Area: Venue:
Area: Venue: Class:
Area: Venue:
Class: Time:
Age UK Oxfordshire
and its exercise service
run by Generation Games ­ Stronger for longer, have produced a Big Bold and
Balance Exercise at Home DVD. This useful tool is
specially tailored for people living with
Parkinson’s to have more opportunities to exercise
from home.
Highlighted below are just some of the many exercise classes available to people with Long­Term Conditions
Banbury Methodist Church, Marlborough Road
Breathe Better COPD ­ NEW CLASS Pathway Programme*
Thursday 1.30 ­ 2.30pm
WI Hall, North Hinksey Lane
Big, Bold & Balance ­ Parkinson’s class Pathway Programme*
Friday 10.30 ­ 11.30am
All Saints’ Youth &
Community Hall, Didcot
Big, Bold & Balance ­ Parkinson’s class Pathway Programme*
Friday 10.30 ­ 11.30am
* Part of GG Pathway Programme – sessions focusing on specific health conditions, led by specially qualified instructors

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