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   24 hour Live­in care support from Caremark
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     Caremark is a leading provider
of home care services in Oxfordshire.
We provide specialised care for people who need support with day­to­day life but would like to stay in their own home. Caremark's live­in care service enables you to remain as independent as possible, while being fully supported by
a full  me live­in carer.
Care at home
You will have choice and control over your life. You can live in familiar surroundings with family, friends, your own possessions, furniture and pets too!
You will enjoy one­to­one support from a fully trained carer.
You will be able to relax, knowing that there is someone there for you seven days a week, to help with your housework, personal care and shopping, or simply to provide good company.
If YOU would like FREE...friendly advice about our specialised live­in care services. Please call Caremark today!
01993 810918
Caremark|30a High Street|Woodstock|Oxfordshire|OX20 ITG
  Your sa sfac on and happiness are vital to us
We will regularly monitor and review your sa sfac on to make sure you always receive the highest standard of care.
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