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 T A L K T O U S | C O N T A C T I N F O R M A T I O N Please note our NEW address
and contact details BELOW....
How to contact OACP:
Write to us at:
OACP 9/10 Napier Court, Barton Lane, Abingdon OX14 3YT Talk to us on: 07841 343840 Email: Visit:
Join us on Twi er: @oxonACP and Find us on Facebook connect today!
 get in touch...with OACP
Oxford Associa on of Care Providers (OACP) is a membership organisa on for ALL care providers of adult social care across Oxfordshire.
We act as a representa ve body for over 100 care providers within Oxfordshire, we meet with commissioners of services, and stand up for adult social care.
Our members are from:
• Care & Nursing Homes
• Community Support Services • Home Care
• Voluntary Sector
OACP is a contact point for all social care providers to share and promote good prac ce through our networks and learning exchanges.
OACP provides informa on and advice on funding and business opportuni es.
OACP organises events to raise awareness of working in adult social care to the general public.
OACP a ends recruitment fairs and events to promote job vacancies and encourages applica ons from job seekers.
OACP visits schools and colleges to raise awareness of working in social care to young people.
OACP provides training and development opportuni es for your staff and your business.
OACP improves communica on between the Council and the Oxfordshire care sector.
OACP helps to develop the adult social care market in Oxfordshire and contributes to the commissioning and delivery of personalised services.
OACP offers exis ng providers advice about business opportuni es and market condi ons in Oxfordshire.
OACP promotes good news stories across a range of media channels to support a posi ve view of the sector.
 Our strength is YOUR involvement...Join Us
get involved...with TALKING CARE
  Please send your submissions and advertising enquiries to the following contacts
Eddy McDowall CEO
Tel: 07841 343840
Advertising Sales Editorial & Design Jane Wood
Tel: 01635 202345 or 07724 563309 Email:
Membership & Training Enquiries OACP
Tel: 07841 343840
9/10 Napier Court,
Barton Lane, Abingdon OX14 3YT
Tel: 07841 343840
Email: Website:
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