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    Home Care Providers
Home Care Providers Name:
T How Homely Limited
12 Poplars Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury OX17 2LW
The Good Care Group (Head Office)
15th Floor, Tower Building, York Road, London SE1 7NQ
The Good Care Group (Live In Only) (Oxfordshire Care Team)
Trust on Tap
Lovegroves Farm, Long Wittenham, Oxfordshire OX14 4QQ
Associate Members
Care Services:
CC0­18/65­/+/D/ED/LD/ MH/PD/SI/SM
General home help
CQC Rating: GOOD
01295 713737
0808 2789 337 0333 1308 605
OACP Member No:
KEY to Care Services: ABI = Acquired Brain Injury ANPC = Accommoda on for persons who require nursing or personal care,
D = Demen a, DSP = Diagnos c and screening procedures, EoL= End of Life Care, LD = Learning disabili es, MH = Mental health condi ons, MHA = Caring for people whose rights are restricted under the Mental Health Act, SM = Substance misuse problems, TSM = Accommoda on for persons who require treatment for substance misuse, PD = Physical disabili es, SI = Sensory impairments, T = Treatment of disease, ED = Ea ng Disorders, C65­/+ = Caring for adults under/over 65 yrs, CC0­18 = Caring for children (0 ­ 18yrs).
     OACP offers Associate Membership to Personal Budget Holders and Personal Assistants to support ongoing learning and networking. To learn more contact 07841 343840 or email:
0808 2789 337 (From Land Lines) 0333 1306 161 (From Mobiles)
0808 278 1112
     Personal Assistants Network
    Support with Confidence is a Local Authority scheme which provides a list of approved care and/or support services that have been ve ed on the grounds of quality, safety and training. Whether you get financial help to pay for your care, or you buy services privately, the Support with Confidence scheme will help you find Personal Assistants that you can trust. OACP delivers Support with Confidence on behalf of Oxfordshire County Council and provides training and checking scheme for people who want to work as personal assistants.
To learn more visit: h ps://­with­confidence/
     If YOU are thinking about becoming an OACP Member
but are unsure of how to apply...visit the link below to learn more:
   Care Homes & Home Care Nursing Homes Providers
Community Support Services
   Alzheimer’s Society’s Demen a Friends programme is our biggest ever ini a ve to change people’s percep ons of demen a. Demen a touches the lives of millions of people across the UK. Demen a Friends was launched to tackle the s gma and lack of understanding that means many people with the condi on experience loneliness and social exclusion. We need to create more communi es and businesses that are demen a friendly so that people affected by demen a feel understood and included.
Here are the ways you can get involved:
• Become a Demen a Friend
• Volunteer and become a Demen a Friends Champion
• Organisa ons ­ Introduce your organisa on
and support them to roll out Demen a Friends to their workforce.
To learn more visit: www.demen
We are a small and very busy team at Demen a Friends, however if your query is of an urgent nature then you can contact us on 0300 222 5855.
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