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 Information for people who are interested in becoming carers...
Introducing the
Shared Lives Scheme
      Who can become a
Shared Lives Scheme Carer?
  • the person has no close family or friends
• the family is no longer able to provide care and support
• relationships between the family have broken down
• the adult does not want to continue living at home
• the adult does not want to enter (or wants to leave) residential care.
 • single people
• single parents
• couples who live together
• married couples
• couples with children
• friends sharing accommodation
You can be a Shared Lives carer regardless of your age, ethnicity, sexuality or disability.
  Shared Lives carers share their family and community life with someone who needs support.
There are adults in Oxfordshire who need care and support. In most cases, a member of their family or a close friend provides this care. Sometimes, however, this is not possible.
The person who needs help may be offered sheltered accommodation e.g. day care or residential care. But these traditional services may not always be the answer, for example where:
Shared Lives Carers can come from all walks of life, they can be...
Share your home & make a difference to someone like Peggy...
“Share your home and make a difference to real lives
 One of the best ways of providing them with the kind of care they require is to offer them the chance to stay in a Shared Lives carer's home. Or, alternatively, to be supported in their own home by a Shared Lives carer.
However, you will need to either own or rent your own home and be willing to share your home with a vulnerable or disabled person.
The Shared Lives service needs people likeYOU to offer this care, we value and support all our carers!
The Shared Lives service pays an
agreed fee for the service provided.
The amount of payment is reflected
in the type and amount of provision.
The role should be considered as
either a career or a working from
home option to employment. It can
be full or part­time. See OUR
CouldYOUR their home?
Contact us today:
01865 897971
 Contact us on the details opposite...we can discuss the next step towards YOU becoming one of our valued Shared Lives Carers
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