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  Can we help YOU to be prepared to Care? Are you looking a er someone or is someone looking a er you? If so, WE can help...
   Carers’ Voice Oxfordshire... Voices of Experience
Are YOU reading this and work as a paid carer? Current top issues for carers and older people? A request to all services.
As you meet carers and older people, please can you note what their top concerns are? As you talk to different people in your day­to­ day work, you may find the same topic is repeatedly raised, in which case it would be great if you could let us know what the concerns are.
The Health and Social Care Panel (focus on the concerns of older people) or the Carers’ Voice Panel (unpaid carers) may then be able to explore further and give you some feedback to share.
Many thanks for your help. on behalf of Carers’ Voice.
 If you are reading this and are looking a er a rela ve or friend as an unpaid carer: Would you like to be more involved and be able to give your views on services?
Would you like to be more informed about what is going on to support carers?
Would you like to be able to meet other carers and ex­carers and help by using your experiences to help improve services?
Please contact Carers’ Voice if you would like to find out more...
Telephone: 0845 050 7666 or Email: carersoxfordshire@ i or visit Website:
Carers can access the service by telephoning: 0845 050 7666 Professionals can refer direct to the service Telephone: 01235 424715 or Email:
information point
 Carers Oxfordshire is a FREE service offering informa on, advice and support to unpaid carers in Oxfordshire.
Our team of expert outreach workers offer advice and support to adults aged 18 and over caring for another adult in Oxfordshire.
How we can help
• One to one support including help with a carers assessments
• Rethink – support for carers of people with mental illness
• Time out for Carers’ offering carers a much needed break
• Quarterly newsle er ‘Care Ma ers’ full of useful informa on, news and ar cles specific to carers.
• Emergency carers support service – free emergency care for the person you look a er in the event of you, the carer, having an accident or emergency
• Wellbeing opportuni es including first aid, moving and handling and much more
Support groups where you can meet other carers and share experiences .
Making a referral to Carers Oxfordshire
If you are a GP or Professional you can call our Helpline on 01235 424715 for informa on and advice at any  me between 9.00am ­ 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.
“It’s a real Struggle, week on week, month on month, year on year”. Mrs B
Here are some hints and  ps that can help YOU day to day...
1. Don’t be afraid to ask ques ons and talk about caring. Taking on this role might change your life, seek advice and informa on.
Find out more about the condi on and treatments/medica on. Talk to health professionals to understand what to expect and inform you of organisa ons specific to the condi on of the person you care for. Never be afraid to ask ques ons.
3. Think about your finances
Visit:­calculators to find out what you may be en tled to.
4. Talk to your employer
You have a right to request flexible working and  me off to look a er dependents in an emergency.
5. Find out about available support
Carers Oxfordshire can tell you about local support groups and services, call the helpline on 0345 050 7666. Visit our website or see facebook and twi er. Also register for our quartly newsle er packed with informa on.
6. Find a balance
It is important that you look a er yourself and feel in control of your life. Look at what we have to offer from mindfulness sessions to First Aid course.
7. The best laid plans—planning for emergencies
It is important that you have a plan in place in case something goes wrong. Register for the Emergency Carers Support Service. Keep everything about the person you care for regularly updated and in one place like using the Lions club message in a bo le scheme.
8. Make  me for you
Take breaks, look at respite op ons. Holidays for the cared for. Befriending schemes
9. Talk to other carers
Meet with others in a similar situa on, for details of carers support groups in Oxfordshire call 0345 050 766 or visit
10. Be prepared for change
Your caring responsibili es may change over  me and you may need to seek addi onal support.

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