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 How to contact the Demen a Oxfordshire Service
Referrals to the Demen a Oxfordshire service can be made by your GP, from memory clinics and other services who may be working with you.
Call the support line on 01865 410210 if you would like to speak to a Demen a Adviser.
(available 9 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday)
Email our team: info@demen aoxfordshire.
Write to us at:
Demen a Oxfordshire Unit 9/10 Napier Court Barton Lane
OX14 3YT
Professionals making a referral to Demen a Oxfordshire
If you are a GP or professional you can call our support line on 01865 410210 for informa on and advice at any  me between 9.00am ­ 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.
Email for NHS referrals: demen a.oxfordshire
    Demen a Oxfordshire Groups
We are pleased to be able to offer some groups for people who we are suppor ng to enable them to meet up with each other and take part in ac vi es.
All the groups are run by our team of Demen a Advisers and Dedicated Support Workers.
We currently have twelve groups across the County. Two of these are Carers Support Groups.
People have fun at the groups and we are par cularly proud to have recorded a song, “I am...My life is...” which has been played on Radio 2. We were extremely fortunate to have two of our group members on the Jeremy Vine Show, helping to raise awareness about their experiences of living well with demen a.
Tony, one of the group members said, “We did get our voices heard and we did get the message across and we are a voice.”
          Interested in football?
We are excited to be working with Oxford United Football Club and its supporters to be able to offer some new ac vi es including a group at The Manor Club and demen a friendly Walking Football.
For further details contact
Jane Probets on 07827 235418 or email: janeprobets@ demen
      Demen a Friendly Communi es
People with demen a need to live in communi es that support them. This means that we are always looking for opportuni es to increase public awareness and understanding of demen a.
We would like to hear from you if you are involved in, or know of any groups, clubs, and organisa ons that would be interested in receiving demen a training.
   Further informa on, including details on forthcoming Carers Training and the Radio 2 broadcast can be found at www.demen
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