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     Demen a Oxfordshire provides informa on, advice, support and signpos ng for people with a diagnosis of demen a across the County. We do this by having a team of skilled Demen a Advisers and Dedicated Support Workers who work on a one to one with our clients and their carers.
When we receive a new referral into the service, it is important that we take  me to find out the needs and wishes of our client. If the client does not have a diagnosis of demen a, our Demen a Advisers can provide general informa on and advice to help them access the appropriate help to meet their needs. This could mean connec ng people to other services such as their GP.
Clients with a diagnosis of demen a are offered a home visit. At the home visit, Demen a Advisers will gain more insight about them. Demen a Advisers will be able to understand their living arrangements, family support and health issues. The trust which is built between the client and their Demen a Adviser enables them to talk about the challenges they face as well as what they
would like to do, given the right support. Carers can also discuss their needs and what would make life easier for them in their caring role.
From the home visit, Demen a Advisers complete a support plan for the client, which will include their agreed goals. The achievement of these goals may involve connec ng people to demen a­friendly ac vi es in the local community and/or enabling them to have access to the right support from internal services and external organisa ons.
Some of our clients express an interest in a ending local ac vi es and groups. They may lack confidence in being able to go along to a new group which can lead to anxiety. Clients and their carers can feel that they have become lonely and isolated.
Our Dedicated Support Workers are able to directly link clients to ac vi es and groups in the community by accompanying clients to an ac vity ini ally. This helps clients to gain confidence and get to know people in the group. It has proved to be very successful so far.
In order to provide the best possible service for our clients and their carers, Demen a Oxfordshire makes many referrals to internal services, as well as to external organisa ons. We may already be working with you to help you to live well in the local community. If this is the case, you will have a Demen a Adviser who you can get in touch with. The service is designed so that we will keep in contact with you every six months, so that we can find out how best we can con nue to support you.
 information point
You can call the support line to speak to a Demen a Adviser
on 01865 410210.
It is available Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm.

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