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Get connected to the support you need...
   Live Well Oxfordshire has launched!
This website helps YOU to find services in Oxfordshire that support you to live well in your community and be independent. It includes a wide range of services, from health and social care support to educa on and leisure ac vi es.
Oxfordshire County Council hopes that by providing more informa on directly to the public through Live Well Oxfordshire, its Customer Service Centre will be able to spend more  me assis ng people who have difficulty using the internet.
   What will I be able to find?
If you’re not sure what you are looking for, you can browse through the different categories and types of services to get ideas and see if there’s anything that might help. If you do know what you want, you can simply search for what you’re looking for.
Categories include:
• Looking a er somebody
• Care homes and supported housing • Working and learning
• Living at home
• Life events
• Ge ng out and about
• Health recovery and wellbeing
• Money ma ers
The site is easy to use and provides local informa on. You can put in your postcode to help you find everything from local home care providers, community transport, and advice on welfare benefits to local lunch clubs, tea dances, church cafés and book clubs.
Feedback from people who have already used the website has been posi ve:
J (carer and specifically interested in care informa on, mental health and recovery college)
'Quite straigh orward ­ with good informa on. This will be a valuable service within Oxfordshire!’
G (My Life My Choice champion, interested in housing and living independently)
‘The 'Google' of services for Oxfordshire, quite clever’. Finds it easy, like Google.
Will definitely use it.
T (Volunteer, interested in mental health services)
‘I just find this a brilliant website. A one­stop shop for everything. An excellent website that is both easy to use and contains relevant informa on in search area criteria. This will be very useful to sign­post to our clients.’
Service providers
Providers can adver se their services free of charge on the site to members of the public, local authority prac  oners and other professionals. The informa on is kept fresh and up to date and providers can update their own records.
Quality assurance
A number of the support services and ac vi es listed in Live Well Oxfordshire are accredited by the Community Informa on Network and/or by Oxfordshire County Council. If there are any serious concerns about a service provider, this accredita on will be suspended.
Many council approved providers, such as home support agencies and care homes deliver services that are also regulated and inspected by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), and a link to the most recent CQC inspec on report for any such service is available in Live Well Oxfordshire.
Accredita on Informa on: This provider has met Oxfordshire County Council’s minimum standards for providing services that the Council commissions. The Council cannot guarantee the performance of the provider nor be held liable for any failure of the provider.
Accredita on Informa on: Linked to the Community Informa on Network, which helps people to find ac vi es and support near to home.

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