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David comments: “My life has changed so much, since Lin was first diagnosed, I spend
so much more  me indoors now. I found this quite difficult at first, loving the outdoors and caravanning as I do. I had to learn so much made me think how much Lin did for us all! Now, it’s my turn to manage the household. I shop, cook, clean and wash clothes ­ all hard work and challenging at first. My children help, which is very welcome.”
Over his  me as a carer, David has experienced various levels of care for Lin, and sadly, had to suffer some nega ve a tudes to his wife’s illness but overall Lin’s care has been good. The present care package, which allows David much needed and appreciated respite  me, is with Vale House Care Home (CQC rated Outstanding). “Lin feels very at home there, I can tell, as when we get there, she is off and away with staff, it gives me such peace of mind, to see her happy”.
Recently, through Enrych, David and Lin now have a Personal Assistant, called Mike to help during the week. “Mike has made a huge difference to me and to Lin, he is excellent, we are very lucky! Let me just say, there are carers, in brackets, and then there are, ‘excep onal carers’, Mike is the la er and a good friend”.
Enrych organised a mee ng with David and Lin to introduce Mike, and as they say, the rest is history. Through having an Enrych Assist Personal Assistant, David now has more respite  me, where he can have peace of mind that Lin is being well looked a er, and can focus on himself and his own well­being and interests.
Mike cares for Lin, each week, offering two days, which are flexible, of two, three­hour (12­3pm or 2­5pm) respite sessions. Mike takes Lin out in his car to various places for tea and cake or out walking (weather dependant). “Lin loves being outdoors, riding in the car... she loves cars...and is fascinated by people, she loves watching them go about their daily ac vi es”. Mike comments: “When I go to different places with Lin, I can experience some nega vity, but mainly, people are very understanding, one person said, you’re a hero doing work like that ­ I just think people need to be more tolerant, we are all human, and none of us know what life has in store for us”.
Being a PA is very rewarding but it can be challenging too, so it is important that all PAs are trained to understand the nature of the work they do and the responsibility they undertake.
Enrych Assist
Enrych Assist offers people the opportunity to purchase the  me of a PA to support them with a view to maximising their independence and pu ng them in control. The service is person­centred with the client involved in the selec on of the right PA for them; the service is geared towards mee ng client’s outcomes.
Enrych Personal Assistants can support clients with a variety of ac vi es such as admin, ge ng out into the community, jobs around the house, gardening, shopping, going to appointments and whatever the client wants to do (Enrych does not offer Personal Care).
Clients of Enrych Assist, will also be invited to social events run by Enrych Coordinators i.e. pub lunches, theatre trips, bowling etc. All Enrych Assist PAs are DBS cleared, fully trained and supported by the Enrych PA manager and work to a very high standard, mee ng the client’s requirements, which will have already been discussed and iden fied with the Enrych PA Manager.
Enrych PA Training
Good training is really important. Enrych Assist ensure they deliver a professional and high quality service to their clients. They also want their PAs to feel properly equipped and prepared to enjoy their work. It is a priority for Enrych to provide poten al PAs with the basic training they need before they start, and further training going forward.
What training is available?
• Induc on training following the 15 Care Cer ficate Standards
• The Enrych PA Handbook – essen al reading on the how/why of being an Enrych PA
• The Enrych Staff Handbook – all Enrych policies including, Safeguarding, Whistleblowing, and Confiden ality.
• Refresher training every 12 months. Mandatory training including Sector updates, Enrych updates, sharing best prac se, more in depth look at safeguarding, person­centred services etc.
• Regular support and supervision
• Specific training for the client’s needs
• First Aid
• There is further op onal training ­ for self study
From 2017 all new PAs will follow the Care Cer ficate as part of their Induc on and exis ng PAs will be trained using the Care Cer ficate standards as an on­going programme.
  Enrych Oxfordshire­Volunteer Opportuni es
If you would you like to make a difference to the life of a person with physical disabili es, in these following areas:­
• Banbury and surrounding area • Bicester & Kidlington
• West Oxon
Enrych Oxfordshire – Enrych Assist Personal Assistant Service
Tel: 07720 089 477 or
email: ka h p:// what­we­do/enrych­assist/
Contact Gina King on: 01926 485446 or email: h p:// opportunity/volunteer­opportuni es/
     David con nues: “I have experienced other posi ves too. Recently, Lin hasn’t been ea ng too well at home, but since she has tried different meals at the care home and whilst she’s been out and about with her PA, Mike, I find she likes different things, foods that she wouldn’t ever had eaten at home. This has been really helpful – she now likes pasta and her favourite cake is coffee and walnut!”
Mike’s story
A er a professional career, Mike was offered redundancy. Not one to sit about and wan ng to keep himself busy, Mike decided to look around for some voluntary work. He explored the Support with Confidence Scheme, (the PA register is managed by Oxfordshire Associa on of Care Providers), which trains people to become Personal Assistants (PA) and decided to take up the training becoming a fully qualified PA. Seeing an advert from Enrych about their volunteer service, Mike got in touch.
       Editor’s Note Kind thanks to...
Gina King
Chief Execu ve Officer, Enrych
Davina Gammer Development Officer Oxfordshire, Enrych
David and Linda A (husband and wife) Mike P ­ PA for Enrych Assist

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