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 In conversation with
 Councillor Judith Heathcoat...
           The provision of adult social care is very much under
the spotlight at the moment with increasing pressure
on budgets.
In this special Awards issue, Talking Care is in conversation with one of our key local decision makers,
Councillor Judith Heathcoat, Oxfordshire County Council Cabinet Member for
Adult Social Care.
Cllr Heathcoat provides us with insight into her upbringing, why she enjoys the challenges as a County Councillor and how she finds support to make the difficult decisions.
Judith’s story...
Judith was born into post Second World War Britain and grew up in a time of change and renewal. The mantra, ‘decent standards of living for all ‘ heralded the birth of the ‘Welfare State’ in 1945.
“I remember our family discussions would include passionate discussion on the ‘state of the nation’, the reasons why and the political decisions being made. I think debating the issues of the day is extremely important. I was a member of my school debating society, it was a good place to air ideas, interact with people to learn and gain confidence in one’s own abilities.” Judith has clearly used that early
experience to support her political career, but her early school days were not easy. “I was left­handed and at that time left­ handers were physically forced to change hands and write right­handed. Nowadays, of course, it’s very different! I was a bookish child and loved reading, I still do, which is just as well as I now have quite a lot of reports and documents to read and digest!”
As well as being a Cabinet Member and also attending Full Council, Judith has a further nine appointments relating to her Council work. Never shy of hard work, during the latter years of school, at a

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