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  Trusted help at prices you can afford
We know that finding reliable local help can often be difficult as you get older. We want to make it easier. Easier to choose, easier to book and easier to pay.
         General Help Cooking Transportation
Gardening Personal Paperwork
       Freephone: 0808 278 1112
          Trusted, affordable care and support on tap TrustonTap has been growing in Oxfordshire over the last year, helping
older people to stay at home, independently, for as long as possible.
Back in 2015, the founders of the business recognised the difficulty of finding suitable help to support older relatives and were determined to develop a new type of care business to change this. They wanted to make it easier to get reliable help whenever people wanted it. To give people choice and control over who provides their care and support and to ensure that excellence service was provided on every visit.
“Finding help can be difficult. Everyone is busy and sometimes we just need help with the little things in life, someone we can turn to, someone we can trust”.
They have now grown a strong team to provide great care and support across Oxfordshire at affordable prices ­ whether it is for a few hours, for regular visits or for live­in care.
“We want to make it easier for you­ easier to choose, easier to book and easier to pay. We have designed a service with you in mind whether you are looking for help for yourself or a close family member”
TrustonTap have used the latest technology to ensure that they can connect families and carers easily online, whilst managing the process efficiently. By doing so they can deliver a service at a much lower cost than traditional care agencies whilst also ensuring that their carers are paid at a good rate for the brilliant work that they do.
For more information about TrustonTap
or to arrange a free introductory visit
Telephone: 0808 278 1112 or Visit:
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Trusted support and care from £13 per hour
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