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                                                            NEWS|HEADWAY OXFORDSHIRE|MOMENTOUS YEAR FOR HEADWAY OXFORDSHIRE
2016 was a momentous year for
At the beginning of the year we became the proud owners of our home, the Activity and Rehabilitation Centre in Kennington. Since moving to Kennington in 2002 we rented the building, but purchasing the entire site has allowed us to put our long­held plans to refurbish and expand the centre into action. The work is now finished and like all proud new homeowners we couldn’t be happier!
We now have brand new state of the art disabled toilet facilities plus a fantastic new fully fitted top of the range kitchen, where we will be running healthy eating classes for our daily groups of service users. They can also enjoy our new café at the heart of the centre.
Staff offices have been moved out of the centre into new facilities in the grounds freeing up space inside for new consultation rooms and quiet zones for those using our services. We also have a brand­ new meeting room that we intend to hire out to local groups and businesses.
These exciting developments are essential for the future of Headway Oxfordshire and our ambition is to expand our services for our current service users and support even more people affected by brain injury and neurological conditions in Oxfordshire. The next stage of this plan is ambitious and an integral element of our plan and future revolves around how we can meet the growing demand in Oxfordshire for neuro physiotherapy.
Acquired brain injuries are among the least understood yet fastest growing cause of long­term disability in the UK. The human mind is an astonishing and complex organ and when it is damaged the effects on the individual can be profound and devastating to the person and their families. It is often described as the ‘invisible condition’ due to its often outwardly unrecognisable manifestation.
Those affected can be any age and live with the condition lifelong. Due to its complex nature, the rehabilitation of those affected by brain injury represents one of the costliest items to clinical commissioners. In 2014 the Oxford Neurological Alliance published a report highlighting a clear need for high quality neurological rehabilitation services that are easily accessible to those that need them. A growing body of evidence strongly suggests such rehabilitation services enables individuals to remain in their homes, reduces return visits to hospitals and therefore frees up beds and lessens the need for residential care places.
At Headway Oxfordshire we aim to provide this resource to the community by creating the County’s first ever­dedicated neurological physiotherapygyminthevoluntarysector. The availability of a centre, which people with brain injuries can easily access with specialist equipment close to home is vital to their recovery.
As well as working in partnership with the Oxford Health Physical Disability Physiotherapy Team we are intending to purchase a range of automated and assistive exercise machines. These machines are used worldwide and designed specifically for people with limited mobility. The system can be programmed to the user’s specific issues and can adjust its settings automatically whilst being used. Should it detect a temporary change in their mobility, a muscle spasm or fatigue setting in, it will adjust accordingly or shut down to allow the user to recover. This makes them ideal for the needs of people with brain injuries and stroke, where there is often limited muscle memory on one side of the body compared to the other.
We are currently fundraising to make the Neurological Physiotherapy Gym a reality. We have invited our supporters and the community to get involved by fundraising themselves, or by donating.
Fundraising Appeal...
Headway Oxfordshire Neurological Physiotherapy Gym
By donating today YOU can help make a difference to the lives of people suffering from brain injuries and other neurological conditions in Oxfordshire. To donate visit: and click the 2017 Appeal button or go to Justgiving visit: charity/headwayoxford/neurogym
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