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   requirements are, Turning Point’s dedicated, trained staff will enable you to make the very best decisions for your individual needs and support you to realise your goals. We will be there with you at every stage of the way and whether you want to socialise more, make new friends, start a relationship, take up studies or get a job, we can support you in your choices.
The whole Turning Point staff team at the Carterton service, were nominated for the Oxfordshire Care Awards 2016: Community Services Award. The support given to a service user ­ through the good and the bad days ­ was stunning.
A relative comments about the Turning Point staff team: “From the holidays, days out, mates and dates balls etc., Birthdays and Christmas times all were very special events. The Turning Point staff team made these experiences extra special for my brother and this will never to be forgotten by his family.
Even at the last stages of his life’s journey nothing was ever too much trouble it was a 110% commitment from them all, they supported him with every beat of their hearts.
The commitment to us as a family was just unbelievable, always asking for our opinions and our wishes. It felt like a big family with sincere dedication. The staff helped us make a film show and decide music for the funeral ­ nothing was a chore. Even after my brother’s passing the team still kept in touch.
The staff team are a credit to Turning Point. We called them the A­Team ­ they were certainly our A­Team. We could not have wished for a more dedicated supportive, loving team, their hard work will never be forgotten”.
Turning Point gives the individual and their families support they need.
Chris Ingram, CEO, Style Acre, provides an insight into why he joined the company and it’s values: I joined Style Acre in 2015 when Kate Liddle, the previous CEO, retired. Previously I had worked for a national Learning Disability care provider and was looking for something different, something smaller where I could be more connected to the people we support. I started my career in social care as a support worker and the further I progressed the more I missed the daily interaction with the people I was working for. I was already aware of Style Acre’s reputation and was delighted to see that the reality lived up to the hype. As Style Acre has grown it has remained connected to the communities it is part of, it has retained a family feel where people roll up their sleeves and get on with things and they do so with a smile (most of the time!). I am privileged to work with such a dedicated bunch of people from support workers to admin staff and fellow directors.
Whilst the future for all of us in social care is challenging, I remain excited and positive because we are bursting with creative ideas, and have a passion to ensure the people we support have a great life.
Style Acre is a charity that supports people in Oxfordshire who have a learning disability or are autistic. We provide a mix of supported living, day opportunities, job coaching and
social enterprises (tea room in Blewbury, charity shop in Wallingford and book shop in Banbury). Style Acre was registered as a charity in 1992 by parents of young adults who were then being supported in a residential setting ­ called Style Acre – in the Oxfordshire village of Brightwell­ cum­Sotwell, after the owners retired. The setting was sold in 2004, and ordinary homes in local towns and villages were purchased, enabling people we supported to live with their peers, within easy reach of our day hubs and be involved in their community. In 2004, we supported 20 people in supported living; now we support over 220 people with 96 of those in supported living.
Mission, core values or vision ­ I think it is really difficult to split the three. It is so important to know what you are doing (mission), what you want to achieve (vision) and the values you need to get you there. They all need to inspire and capture what an organisation is about but they also need to be understandable, accessible and come to life rather than sit in a report on the shelf gathering dust. Our core values are shared with teams in a number of ways including an accessible one page strategy document that managers share with their teams. All staff complete an induction with senior managers and the values are shared and discussed. They are also used as a fundamental part of people’s supervision to ensure they remain relevant to their day to day work. In my experience teams and organisations that are in tune with all of the above are those that really excel.
I write a piece in our staff newsletter and this year I will be working through our values describing how each one is demonstrated on a daily basis with real examples. However, for me, the most important thing is that people display the values and really live them. I love hearing compliments from parents and the public about how well our staff support people in the community, with dignity, respect and care. I see it myself across the organisation and know that we have got something right.
I am a firm believer that great ideas can come from everywhere and certainly not just the top of an organisation. I would like to think we are developing a culture where people feel encouraged to come up with ideas and then give them a go. Style Acre is a vibrant place where new things are happening all the time, sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t, but we learn from those and try to make it a success next time.
I attend every induction course to try and ensure I meet all new staff within their first few
  The Care Employer Award
Style Acre ­ supporting people with learning disabilities in Oxfordshire
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to other people’s lives
“Even at the last stages of his life’s journey nothing was ever too much trouble it was a 110% commitment from them all, they supported with every beat of their hearts.”
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