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    The Home Care Worker Award
Kate Webb
Hft ­ Supporting people with learning disabilities
  The Home Care Worker Award
Highly Commended:
Zeep Gathogo Cherry Care Services
      “I grew up in Fyfield, a small village in the Vale, with my parents and older sister. We moved to Abingdon in the 1980s and I finished school later attending Abingdon & Witney College. I am married with four children.
“I have always taken a great interest in helping others to lead a fulfilling life. My sister applied to Hft and has worked with the company for some 16 years. I went along one day to help out and really loved it! This experience made me want to join too, so I applied to be a support worker in a supported living home. I have been with Hft now for some fifteen years.
“In my job, I support people with all aspects of their lives from helping them manage their money to food shopping, cooking and socialising. I enjoy working closely with clients, you build up a rapport; trust is hugely important to them, it helps them feel secure enabling them to live independent lives – every day is different! It can be challenging sometimes, but the rewards are huge for both parties!”
“I currently support a man in his 60s with mental health issues, he is so grateful, he says, ‘I’d be lost without you’ and thanks me all the time. I’ve been working with this client for three years – It’s a professional
relationship – you really get to learn about the ‘person’ you are supporting after awhile. You experience when they are low and when they are in a good place. This knowledge and insight is key to supporting the person. As their support worker you intuitively know what to do next to help, for example when he is low I stop everything and chat to him, this one to one care makes sure he is alright”.
I also support my sister who has Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MS is a neurological condition that means it affects your nerves, it is different for everyone and you can get symptoms in many parts of the body, which flare up from time to time. I’m there for her.
“The support work I do and caring for my family always gives me a heart­warming feeling. I get to the end of the day knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life and to those I love ­ it’s wonderful!
“I was delighted, surprised and honoured to win the OACP Home Care Worker Award 2016; I never expected to win anything like this! It’s truly lovely to be recognised and appreciated for what you do. Carers and support workers are often in the background ­ I feel humbled by the work I do and the lives of those I support ­ I love what I do ­ making a difference!
“At Hft I work with an amazing team who are very supportive and Hft as an organisation offers the people who work for them great career opportunities.”
Zeep deeply understands her work; she is a kind, consummate professional and incredibly in tune with the clients in her care. She has worked as a community support worker and mental health worker for many years. In March last year she resigned her post to go back home to Kenya to look after her aging father, who was suffering from a terminal illness, her mother having passed away earlier. “I felt compelled to go back home to look after my Father, I wanted to ensure he received all the love and care I knew he would need and that I could give him ­ it was the right decision, what he deserved. Caring for my father in his last days was so special, it was important for me to know that everything that could be done, had been done.”
Returning to England, Zeep had to start over again, contacting companies for work. In phoning around, Zeep spoke to Cherry Care Services and she was asked to send in her CV and complete an application form. After an interview, Zeep became part of the team. Both parties have no regrets. Zeep is a specialist ‘live­in’ care worker for Cherry Care Services. Live­in care is when a care worker lives in their client’s home to enable their needs to be met. It means they are available to help your relative throughout the day and at night, if necessary. Some care
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to other people’s lives
“The support work I do and caring for my family always gives me a heart-warming feeling. I get to the end of the day knowing that I have made a difference to someone’s life and to those I love - it’s wonderful!”
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