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Think in social care - make a difference!
           The ‘Think Care’ initiative was set up to raise the profile of working in the social care sector advising the public of the many job and careers opportunities available to them across Oxfordshire. The reasoning behind the project? The Adult Social Care sector in Oxfordshire faces significant challenges around workforce capacity
and capability.
What are the challenges?
• The demand for care and support is increasing, as the population of Oxfordshire grows and ages
• The skill levels required for adult social care work are rising, as the work itself becomes more complex.
Projections indicate that, over the next ten years, the county’s care workforce (currently about 14,000) will need to add 5,000 to 7,500 jobs just to keep pace with increased demand. In other words, the workforce needs to grow by 35% to 55%.
Whilst working on the project it soon became clear to me, from those who visited the Pop up Job Fair events and attended the Job Centre – Job Fairs, Schools and Colleges Careers Fairs and one to one meetings and through many conversations, was that most people were very interested in working in social care but were unsure of the correct pathways. Some people confused social care with healthcare, which is very different.
What are the differences between social care and healthcare?
Social care focuses on:
• providing assistance with activities of
daily living
• maintaining independence, social
interaction, enabling the individual to
play a fuller part in society
• protecting them in vulnerable situation • helping them to manage complex
relationships and, in some circumstances • accessing a care home or other
supported accommodation.
Whereas, healthcare is the treatment, control or prevention of a disease, illness, injury or disability and the medical care or

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