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 hello...and a very warm welcome to TALKING CARE
    “Reading and talking about care means we can better understand the issues and engage with the debate”.
Thank you for deciding to pick this magazine up and not the others scattered in the waiting room, on the coffee table, or piled high next to your chair. It makes a change from looking at photos of other people’s houses, or celebrity lives, doesn’t it?
I’m guessing that as you picked this magazine up, you have an interest in social care. Or perhaps, you were just looking for something to lean on while you fill out a form, and the page fell open and, well, here you are.
Well, good. We’re pleased, because social care is the most important conundrum in our society today. That’s because it impacts on all of us. It impacts on you, even though you might not know it yet. But it costs money to provide it, both personally and nationally.
Social care is support and care that people need or want to live their life; people who find it difficult to look after themselves completely. People might be elderly, disabled or just vulnerable in some way. Their support needs may be hidden, or be obvious in an extraordinary way. Sometimes social care goes hand in hand with health care, sometimes it is a primary need. Social care provision is as individual as the millions of people who need it.
This first issue introduces this diverse topic to a wide audience. We aim to get inside the real lives of people using, working in and affected by social care. This magazine will carry those personal stories of hope, hard work and quite frankly, heroism.
You will hear about a wide range of conditions and circumstances that any of us could be affected by, whether it’s a long term condition, or a sudden illness, and how that person has been supported to live their life. You will read about why people work in social care and the huge rewards they get from it. Amazing stories, about amazing people.
We hope you enjoy this issue. But most of all, we hope you will respond. Write to us, email us, or find us on social media and pass this magazine on for others to read. Reading and talking about care means we can better understand the issues and engage with the debate. It’s important to you. It’s important to us. Let’s keep on talking care.
Eddy McDowall Chief Executive
Oxfordshire Association of Care Providers

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