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                 How can we bring down the cost of care?
 Learning from the growth of ‘Sharing Economy’ models in North America, Nick Grant and William Cotton, founders of TrustonTap believe they have found
a solution to improving the quality of homecare for older adults whilst also bringing down the cost.
How does it work?
TrustonTap is a new innovative Oxfordshire business supporting older people to stay at home, independently, for as long as possible.
Nick and William, recognised the difficulty of finding suitable help to support older relatives and were determined to develop a new type of care business to change this. They wanted to make it easier to get trusted and reliable help whenever people wanted it. To give people choice and control over who provides their care and support and to ensure that fantastic service was provided on every visit.
Working hard to source the right people with the same values as themselves Nick and William have grown a handpicked trusted team to provide excellent care and support in Oxfordshire at affordable prices ­ whether it is for a few hours or for regular visits. You tell them what you need help with and they will help you choose one of the trusted TapTeam assistants in your area.
‘We want to make it easier for people... easier to choose, easier to book and easier to pay. We have designed our service around the ‘person needing care’ whether they are looking for help for themselves or for a close family member,’ says Nick.
Nick and William have used the latest technology to ensure that they can deliver the service at a much lower cost whilst also ensuring that their team of trusted assistants are paid at a good rate for the brilliant work that they do.
Trusted, affordable care and support on tap
For more information about TrustonTap or to arrange a FREE introductory visit:
Tel: 0808 278 1112 or
(See the TrustonTap advert on Page 7)
 To find out more about personal budgets
visit: personal­budgetsthe­right­social­ care­support or
visit:­ resources/fact­sheets.aspx
    Style Acre has been providing wide-ranging, person-centred support throughout Oxfordshire for over 20 years, including:
• supported living that enable people to choose where and who they live with and provides people with      
                  they live in

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